Saturday, April 10, 2010


why do we get cheated on? why do people think its ok to cheat on each other? do they think the person theyre cheating on wont find out?

to answer my first question on why we get cheated on, i have to say the reason we get cheated on is we are to engulfed with how we are feeling about the other person to see that we are getting our hearts broken by a moron who doesnt care about anybody but themselves. I can say from experience with my last boyfriend that even when you do know they are you are too busy trying to prove yourself wrong about that person to see that he was playing you like a very small fiddle no one even sees is there. my problem with him was i was even told he was but was too hell bent on thining he had changed from what everybody knew hhim as and to the guy who told me about all the girls he used during one weekend to a person worth trusting and believing was telling the truth when he was just saying things to throw me off and not believe when my best friends and some of his exes were telling me. thats also my problem i like to think people can change for the better when you cant or at least not within a month or so; it takes time to go through all the steps that go along with changing like for one admitting you have to change and if you cant do that and you see no wrong in what you are doing then you can never change. my ex now has still yet to admit he cheated on me.

to answer my second question with a rather short (i hope) answer. people think its ok to cheat because they think they will never be caught. so when they do they think the likelyhood of it happening again arer rather slim for the can never be caught because they are so good. in my opinion ther is always at least two people who now one of them is someone who knows all a,d sees all,GOD, and the other is the person you are cheating with because the likelyhood of them not cheating also is very slim because if they were not too cheating then they probably wouldnt be too comfortable being the person you are cheating with.

to answer my last question. yes i think that they think the person theyre cheating on wont find out like i said in my first answer. i cant seem to wrap my head around how and why they think the person wont find out people do have eyes to see with, ears to hear with and mouths to tell with lie that saying see no evil hear no evil speak no evil if it doesnt happen people wont suspect it either.

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than you magan